Welcome to Goodwin and Maxwell

We've been wanting to host our own store for quite a while. We are planning on making this a priority. You can  find our stuff on Etsy and there are a few things here.


So stay tuned.


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I, TL Goodwin, do the stone selection, trimming, cutting and polishing of every gemstone we use. I also do all of the metalwork without casting. Each piece is a hand fabricated original. I also make all of my stamping and chasing tools. I not only love bronze, copper and silver, but I really like working in steel. I also practice the art of Swaging (Swedging) It's like stamping in reverse.

Heather makes glass beads using the art of lampworking. She uses a wide variety of glass and mostly of unknown properties from all sorts of sources. Not only that but she does all of our wire work.


Thank you for finding us.